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Sharingan Live Wallpaper Pro

1.95 usd

Ninja's Eye - Sharingan resembles a colored eye with mystic looking & moving patterns.[ It is also known as heaven's eye ] This live wallpaper will definitely be a enrichment for all those anime fans . Are you looking for specific eye design of a anime character ? Im sure that you will find it or may even create it using this app :) Pro Version Features :- ----------------------------------* Lot of cool designs , > 1 billion possible variations. so find your own special ninja eye.* All anime character eye designs and much much more you can create with this app.* Use wide variety of Indra's uchiha clan sharingans, mutate it with ashura senju blood for mangekyo rinnegan* Twin drive code engine - Impulse burst motion ultra ki wavelength king style engine * Choose from the set of iris designs to make the over all look even more cool . * Powerups will bring all your favourite powers in to one cool ninja eye.* Frame rate & rotational speeds are best buddies so using them gives smooth performance* Multiple Layer Rendering adds 3D visual depth in scene* Lighting Luminosity modes makes it even more rich* Cool eye catching iris colors to select from* Advanced color blending modes for users* Extreme mode to activate a sharingan* Manual & Automatic rotation modes* Orientation modes with touch support* Smoother Rotation Animation * Better Positioning Scaling* Super Rotational Speeds* Customizable Backgrounds* Perfect Scaling Mode* Slow Motion Scrolling * Slow Motion Speeds* True changes * Live changes * Color changes* Quad Blends* Resume restart* 6x smaller package size * 1-2x higher performance* 2-3x less resource consumption * Battery life will be prolonged * Highly responsive & stable build * Small package size for given features* Supports old & new devices* Supports phones & tablets* Supports Portrait Landscape modes* Supports HD & 4k device resolutions* Supports excellent colors levels & contrasts * Supports android version 2.3 & up [from gingerbread to nougat ^^]
Download now and give it a try ^^ . This app is suitable for all occasions .It just mesmerizes people around you. Also this app is specially made for anime fans who dream about being a ninja , who dream about learning every kind of jutsu out there ;DAlways update app as i fix bugs and add new features which you all request .Please give your app rating which helps me to reach wider audience. And please support me by writing a review ^^
Guys mail me directly if you find any bugs. It is the quickest way for me to fix the issue and also help you with troubleshooting .
Thank you everyone for your support (T_T) !!!